Adapted to the new tendencies of the marketing in FANKY CONSULTING we will study his case, company, clients, influence areas..., presenting to him a finished Marketing plan that will place his company inside the best valued ones of the market.

With FANKY CONSULTING it will achieve that the image of his company is valued by his clients and providers, posicionándose in the high part of his business model and coming to areas and places to which he might never gain access without a Marketing plan to his measurement and in pure tuning with his company.

FANKY CONSULTING can offer him the following services:

  • Market researches
  • Audits of Marketing
  • Analysis DAFO
  • Product position
  • Distribution and Price
  • Making of Marketing plans
  • Sensory marketing / experiencial
  • Relational marketing
  • Fidelización marketing
  • Guerrillas marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

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