• Design of stationery and corporate cards
  • Logotypes design
  • Packaging
  • Magazines layout and newsletter
  • Emails design
  • Design of stands and exhibitors
  • Layout and design of catalogs
  • Leaflets design / flyers / diptyches
  • Advertizing Enlightenment
FANKY CONSULTING proposes to them professional graphic design that is to the measurement of his needs and that is coherent with the image of his company. We arrange of the technology and the necessary human resources so that his graphic design are attractive but principally that his products and advertizing campaigns are effective for the profitability.
An efficient graphic piece will transmit the values, the philosophy, the image and the details of his company. This way it will achieve that who receives it, can admit immediately to whom it belongs and this way his company will gain seriousness, fame and originality.

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